Bryant Park Hotel. - By: (Moeys Photography) - (Follow on Tumblr)

This is my favorite building in the world


Gold Digging" by Eugenia Loli.


Ramon Haindl - Neon Fashion

"I’ve had phone anal."

"You had phanal?!"


Lucas Regazzi
On Forms, 2014
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|| [because i thought it was ill] by Kaga


I was talking to my creative writing professor and she told me I should take advanced creative writing because my writing is exceptional and i stand out in the class and she is just the sweetest lady and she was talking about my writing and just GOD I love nice people who support me!!!!! I can’t wait to talk to zack about this because he’s an English major too and he’s taking the creative writing class I’m in now, next semester and he’s freaking out and I can’t wait to be like “oh shit look at this dude I’m in ADVANCED now” ahhhhhhh